Because waging the war on gays is more important than waging the war on terruh, the Army has kicked out a gay Arab linguist. Here’s the best part. In what I would call the ultimate irony, Bleu Copas enlisted shortly after 9/11 due to a strong sense of duty to country. Too bad his country sold him out.

Maybe Krazy Kenny Blackwell could cure him in a few sessions of over the knee righteousness.

This kind of shit honestly makes me want to wake up in 100 years and live in a country that realizes this is just plain wrong and as unholy as it gets. We’ve all have an obligation to defeat such small-minded, hate mongering, satan-induced ideologies.

Now we’re going to spend millions replacing quite capable people. More fiscal conservatism from our lovely neocons. Is the picture clear enough for everyone yet? You get it? (ht AB)

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