The Dispatch recently reported on the Shamansky camp pulling a photo from their website of a retired General with Bob Shamansky at an event. They were old friends and he agreed to pose with Bob.

This is where it gets interesting:

Democrat Bob Shamansky?s congressional campaign recently removed a picture from its Web site after the retired brigadier general in the photograph said it caused him personal embarrassment.

James M. Abraham, of Gahanna, said the two are old acquaintances, and when he ran into him at a recent parade, he posed for a picture without hesitation.

“In the next few days I started getting calls,” Abraham said.

The inquiries, he said, were from colleagues who complained about Abraham?s appearance in uniform as though in support of Shamansky.

I wonder who could possibly have hounded the general? Hmmm?

So, thinking this is ridiculous, I check to see what kind of imagery is being used by the Tiberi camp. Sure enough, uniforms:

Tiberi website scrub

So Bob can’t pose with an old friend who is a retired general, but Pat CAN pose with a currently active Marine from Lima Company?

Hey, we better take that photo down before we look like total hypocrites! Yep, check the site. No Gunnery Seargent! I spoke with some folks at the Tiberi camp and they of course had no idea about a photo being removed. “We add and remove photos everyday”. Blah, blah, blah. Sure. Big coincidence. I’m almost positive Tiberi’s folks and the GOP pressured Mr. Abraham to have his photo removed because Bob has a distinguished career in the military and their boy Pat was in the OSU marching band. If the chickenhawk argument doesn’t ring true, then why run from it?

Asking Bob to remove a photo of an old friend who happens to be a retired general is the chickenhawk coming home to roost. Problem is there is more evidence of Pat Tiberi granstanding for the military vote. Maybe they can now ask The Strategy Group for Media to scrub their website too:

Strategy Group for Media and Tiberi

Hypocrites. Those are the worst kind.

Pat Tiberi is an obedient follower. Bob Shamansky is a true leader. The choice really couldn’t be more clear.

Shamansky! Bomaye!

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