Think the East Cleveland targetted flyer is offensive? Go make your voice heard:

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  • Muffet

    The “no” vote is ahead. Unreal.

  • That dude’s hands are HUGE!

  • I agree with Muffet…
    at the time of my vote, No=56%


  • Muffet

    It’s not just offensive. It’s disgusting. Poor Kenny, doesn’t want us to know what he does with all his money.

  • It’s not just that.. his spokesperson’s statement is what really struck me.

    “If Ted Strickland wants to highlight the fact that he lives paycheck to paycheck on a congressman’s salary, that’s his right,” Blackwell spokesman Carlo LoParo said. “My understanding is he doesn’t have any investment income and it’s a pretty simple return.”

  • Muffet

    There are lots of us that way.

  • Eric

    I wouldn’t read too much into the online poll. Turns out you can refresh and vote as often as you like. Wingnut kiddos have probably been working overtime to head back over to RABid blog and claim the people of Ohio agree with them. LOL. The kids.

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