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Democrats! Bomaye!

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In honor of my childhood hero and good friend (ahum) Muhammad Ali, I will now adopt the chants of the children of Zaire from 1974 as my political cry. Look for it in posts, but more importantly listen for it at events or just while driving down the street.

That guy standing on the barstool yelling bomaye? That would be me.

Ali! Bomaye!

Strickland! Bomaye!

Sherrod! Bomaye!

Shamansky! Bomaye!

Feel free to join me anytime…but get your own chair. This is hard enough! May the fighting spirit and outspoken nature of the Greatest of All Time live in […]

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Wow. Anyone else find this incredibly dualistic and indicative of the horrible state of foreign policy our current administration – led by PNAC neocons – has given us? Expedite bombs to one side, humanitarian aid to the other. What the hell is wrong with us?

U.S. Speeds Up Bomb Delivery for the Israelis

Bush orders humanitarian aid to Lebanon

I guess the precision guided bombs are necessary though:

(BBC ht BSB)
Israel troops ‘ignored’ UN plea

UN personnel carry the body of a colleague killed in an Israeli air strike The UN deaths have […]

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Shamansky! Bomaye!

I’ve been telling ya’ll this for some time now. Republican after Republican continue to tell me that they are going to break with the party for a change. Bob is one of those they are breaking for. It is unreal to see the support by non-Dems of this guy. He’s got an appeal that takes away most of the lunatic talking points.

I caught this sign over at the campaign site (check out that good lookin’ dude in the first picture!):

(I’m not sure what the whole crossed out “Person” replaced with “Man” is all […]

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Welcome to the Plunderbund late night jukebox hour. Tonight we feature Quicksand and a song called Backward off their Manic Compression release. This album was in heavy, heavy rotation among my bandmates and I back in Nashville.

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