From the daily archives: Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It’s not often you get to meet your childhood hero. In fact, it is usually never. You dream about the day alot while swinging from a tire hanging from a tree on your grandparents farm in a sleepy little river town in Kentucky. Or at least I did. There is how you imagined it, then there is how it happened. Here is how it happened:

4 days shy of fifteen years ago (7-21-91 for the math whizzes) my life was altered by complete accident. This day found me working at a Kinko’s on the campus of the University of Louisville, […]

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OK, OK, I picked a really horrible time to go no politics. I’m sure most of you figured no way the kid would make it. You were right. I will, hoever, inject the stories in amongst the politics and maybe some time in the dead of 2007 we can try this again.

But from the mailbag:

Join James Carville at my home to support Zack Space’s campaign for Congress!

ZACK SPACE, the City of Dover’s law director, is running in Ohio’s 18th congressional district to end the culture of corruption represented by Congressman Bob Ney. Ney, a Tom […]

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