From the daily archives: Monday, July 24, 2006

Update: Huffington Post takes it viral!

We interrupt Gonzo Week to bring you this important and time sensitive message. Please see the following viral ad spot produced by the Plundercrew. Download the MP3 file (rename it) and send it to your friends.

Thank you. That is all.

Tiberi Pac Man ad:

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The Woods and the Meadow

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“What to do when you haven’t quite found your place in this world?? I thought. What to do now. It was like asking myself the classic Zen koan “What is the sound of one hand clapping?”. Answering the question is not the point. There really is no answer. Feeling the question is more like it. Living the question. Making it part of who you are. Drinking it down like a nice hot tea. Seeking an answer is a senseless act of arrogance; one I’ve taken pride in doing most of my life. I’m Find An Answer Man. Got a […]

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Here is the deal. If you missed this event, you missed what could be the best time you would have had all year. Shit you not. When I arrived it was raining. We drove up after dropping my girls off at their GPs and headed to the Glidden House (the only place with rooms when we checked – got lucky because it was GREAT). Decided to cab over – most excellent move in hindsight – and when we drove up we exited the van to rain, an empty stage, and what appeared to be nobody around.

Anticipation spirit sagged. […]

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