Come on Dispatch! Let’s review:

Sam Shamansky is the attorney that you often write about.

Bob Shamansky is the congressional candidate.

This ain’t hard.

Likewise, Sam Shamansky, a congressional candidate from Bexley, passed on the questionnaire. His adviser, Dale Butland, said the questions were poorly worded.

Update: OK, so an alert reader let me in on the conversation they overheard between Jim and Cathy what wrote the article:

jim: who is that dude running against tiberi?

cathy: shamansky some shit

jim: shamsansky…hmmm…he a lawyer?

cathy: hell yeah

jim: lemme check the archives real quick…

cathy: fuck, i guess

jim: ok

jim: you sure?

cathy: no, but hell…deadline bitch

jim: we gotta get it right

cathy: no we don’t, there are bloggers now

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