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Free Times recently outted Matt Naugle, Ken Blackwell’s official blogger, revealing to the world that he was in fact a total spazz (“Heart of Dorkness,” City Chatter, June 28). But we were curious to know just how spazzy he really was. Could he out-dweeb his Democratic counterpart? To find out, an official nerd-off has been declared.

E-vites were sent to Naugle and to Jesse Taylor, who blogs for Ted Strickland’s campaign. The challenge was simple: Who could best the other computer geek in James Bond: Goldeneye multiplayer mode? Free Times offered to furnish the Nintendo 64, but reserved the right to pick the levels and choice of weapons (Naugle posted a picture of himself and other Blackwell minions picking up their concealed-carry permits last week, so we figured he’d be cool with a license to kill).

However, just like their bosses, both Naugle and Taylor backed out of the showdown. Taylor wrote, “Thanks for the offer, but I’m declining.” Naugle didn’t even bother to reply. When we suggested that the Call & Post could cover the event, neither side took the bait.

Due to the traditional laws of forfeiture, Naugle remains Ohio’s nerdiest nerd.

? James Renner



City Chatter extends two middle fingers this week to Ohio’s own Mouth of Sauron, Matt Naugle.

Naugle is the official blogger for the Blackwell campaign, spouting hateful rhetoric and spinning bullshit into (unintentional comedy) gold daily at One recent highlight: “Ken Blackwell is continuing to close the gap on Ted Strickland in the polls.” Actually, the latest independent survey shows Strickland gaining support and leading by 13 points.

Last week, Strickland staffers had a good laugh at Naugle’s expense, though. Seems Naugle was interviewed for a Columbus news report, which some fast-acting Dem then posted on (though it was gone at press time). For many, it was their first time seeing Naugle in person. The kid is a dweeb. And no garden-variety Trekkie either ? we’re talking full-frontal-nerdity Babylon 5 convention Dork Lord. Kid couldn’t get a date at a Republican ice cream social holding two cones of Pralines and Dick and covered in WWJD buttons. No wonder he’s so angry. ? James Renner

They made one HUGE error though, and James should know this. Matt is not the official campaign blogger. He is the off ic ial camp aign blo gger. Big difference!

I promise to follow this more closely and report back. While the plundercrew is working on obtaining that video mentioned above, we’ll just have to let it live in our memories. LOL.

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