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The advertising firm that created Mike DeWine’s commercial with the doctored 9/11 footage is the same firm responsible for the Swift Boat Veterans ads slamming John Kerry in 2004. The firm, Stevens, Reed, Curcio, & Potholm, also doctored images in a 1996 campaign for U.S. Sen. John Warner of Virginia — and got fired by Warner for doing so, notes Sherrod Brown, the target of the firm’s latest controversial commercial.

Brown responds and makes a direct hit:

“Mike DeWine has a history of not telling the truth, so it’s no great surprise he hired a firm with a similar track record,” Brown said. “Ohio families deserve better from their Senator. It is time for change.”

Full Brown release after the break…

DeWine Hides Truth from Ohio Voters

Continuing a long history of distorting the facts, Ohio Republican Senator Mike DeWine was caught this week having doctored 9/11 images of the burning Twin Towers in an attack ad against Congressman Sherrod Brown.

It was not the first time DeWine mislead Ohioans.

In 1977, DeWine was found guilty by the Ohio Election Commission for making false statements regarding conviction rates of his opponent during his campaign for Greene County Prosecutor. Even after the event, he felt he’d done nothing wrong, made public statements reiterating his innocence and appealed the decision. His repeal was rejected.

During his failed bid against American hero and astronaut Senator John Glenn an Ohio newspaper reported the DeWine campaign claiming, “?if Glenn had his way the Berlin Wall still would be standing and former Soviet republics still would be enslaved.” [Columbus Dispatch, 10/27/92]

“It’s disappointing that Mike DeWine already is engaging in gutter-style politics. To distort images sacred to so many Americans is just shameful.” Brown said. “He’s resorting to using gimmicks to hide his record of supporting policies that hurt Ohio families.”

Mike DeWine helped force through Congress the president’s Medicare Part D bill, the energy bill, the Central American Free Trade Agreement, voted for the war in Iraq, and this week voted with the president in opposing stem cell research.

“Senator DeWine is out of the mainstream with Ohio voters,” Brown said. “But instead of telling the truth, and standing by his record, he is misleading Ohio families.”

The ad firm hired by DeWine, Stevens, Reed, Curcio, & Co is same firm that created the now infamous “Swift Boat” attack ads, and was fired by Republican Virginia Senator John Warner for doctoring images during his 1996 re-election campaign.

“Mike DeWine has a history of not telling the truth, so it’s no great surprise he hired a firm with a similar track record,” Brown said. “Ohio families deserve better from their Senator. It is time for change.”

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  • dirtgirl

    the swift-boaters seem to be swarming on Ohio this year. Jerome Corsi, who wrote “Unfit for Command” is co-author of Blackwell’s book.

  • AmberCat

    Of course. They’re all connected and committed to Blackwell’s campaign a long time ago. Now it’s time for Brown’s campaign to start threatening media outlets that run false and distorted commercials about it. Wasn’t Pryce one of the people who got some commercials she considered untrue yanked? I know several Republicans have. Brown’s campaign certainly knows how to threaten people. Let’s see them try it on Republicans for a change. I might even grudgingly admire Brown if he had the guts to do this.

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  • Lucie

    Yes — Pryce’s lawyers called Time-Warner (according to a PR person on their staff) and said they objected to’s final “Caught Red Handed” ad, so TW pulled the ads. The PR person said there was no legal objection to the Swiftboat ads, which is why they did not pull them. Eli Pariser, the director of MoveOn, said that this is not, in his experience, standard procedure — TW never called him, or communicated in any way, never said what the objections were. I saw the justifications for the ads, and I thought they were adequate. So did a lot of people in c Pryce’s distric — on all 3 ads. A group protested outside TW headquarters, and MoveOn sent a formal letter of protest to the OH AG, which will be in the TW file when it comes up for renewal.

    Local Dems in Worthington are still mad and still talking about this — some people are telling TW that they may switch companies because of the violation of free speech. TW has gotten a lot of calls, I guess — when I spoke with the PR person she complained that time that should be spent on answering customer service calls was going to this, and it was over, so why don’t we move on?! I told her that a lot of us are completely fed up with what has happened to our state and our country and we are not able to move on — we want change. She said that TW has no formal policy — she could not providde me with anything written — but she said that they did respond to legal challenges. HMM> Thanks to Amber, I guess I will call Sherrod Brown’s campaign and share my experiences with them, for what they are worth.

  • Garry

    From this point on he should be referred to as “Swifty DeWine” in every speech, publication, comment, etc. “Swifty” says it all in sound bite size, it’s memorable to the voters and dewine cannot deny the implication and he has no easy way to effectively combat it.

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