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Here Come The Bastards III

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First news of the swiftboat bastards Stevens, Reed, Curcio, & Potholm coming to town via a DeWine attack ad in July. Now we have evil incarnate coming to headline a $100 plate fundraiser.

They’ve played this tune before, only this time the pitch is off.

— btw, Claypool will be in Cleveland while us bloggers party down at Blogapalooza. Might have to hit the book signing though!

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via Openers:

The advertising firm that created Mike DeWine’s commercial with the doctored 9/11 footage is the same firm responsible for the Swift Boat Veterans ads slamming John Kerry in 2004. The firm, Stevens, Reed, Curcio, & Potholm, also doctored images in a 1996 campaign for U.S. Sen. John Warner of Virginia — and got fired by Warner for doing so, notes Sherrod Brown, the target of the firm’s latest controversial commercial.

Brown responds and makes a direct hit:

“Mike DeWine has a history of not telling the truth, so it’s no great surprise he hired a firm with […]

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Get the whole story over at BSB. This is great news. I think this is precisely how Paul can help now. Taking no money from nobody requires huge name ID and a killer ground game. I think having these two on board is the precise right way to go.

“It is time to take our message on the road” Judge Oneill stated, “and there are no two better people in Ohio to deliver the ‘No Money” message on my behalf than Paul and Susan. I am proud to have them on board.”

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via BSB:

If it were true that Mr. Blackwell postulates himself in comparison to the great Martin Luther King, Jr., then he would be familiar with a segment of the I have a dream speech that reads? they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. Mr. Blackwell, the race card wont be played in Ohio’s spades game today. You don’t have any more tricks and you’ve been set. Game over!

Read the whole post. Brent rips Blackwell a new one. I must say, well played sir! Well played!

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Whoops. More Bob Ney fun (via Openers):

Matthew D. Parker, who serves as campaign manager for embattled GOP Rep. Bob Ney, has been subpoenaed by a federal grand jury in Washington, DC, which is investigating the Abramoff scandal.

Parker, who also serves as district director in Ney’s main Ohio office, plans to comply with the subpoena, according to a statement from Ney’s office that was read Thursday on the House of Representatives floor.

Parker and Ney bought houses on the same street in Heath last year within days of each other. Parker’s congressional salary also climbed exponentially throughout the […]

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