Let the race baiting begin!Openers has the details of a new Blackwell mailer. Only a matter of time, really, until the full on race baiting. It will only get more and more overt as time goes on I’m guessing. Desperation brings out the worst in us.

But I’m sure it is pure coincidence that they chose a man with color for the ad and that they are handing it out on the east side. I’m totally convinced of that, yeah.

This is good news though:

LoParo said Blackwell?s campaign volunteers are distributing it across the state. Asked why the flyer is showing up in only East Side neighborhoods, LoParo said, ?that?s where our volunteers are right now.?

Classic. Blackwell only has volunteers on the east side of Cleveland. Carlo must be dizzy from the spin. And you thought only Dems could screw up campaigns incredibly! LOL.

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