Tito get me a tissue! DeWiners are here and they need some. I meant to comment on this last week and I know most of you are really missing my frequent Mattie Boy (ding dong boy to you) smackdown. Well, not to disappoint.

In case you missed it. Hah. He said “in case you missed it”…nevermind. Inside joke. Our boy the ding dong kid was all a flutter over the directness of the following DCCC ad that does not mix words or images in pointing out the pure incompetency of this administration and our current faux-leadership:

The only thing ding dong boy fails to point out is that his fearless leader was the precedent setter here in using dead bodies and American tragedies for political gain. Anyone remember this?:

There is one major distinction. Democrats did not cause the events of 9/11. George W. Bush IS responsible for every image seen in the DCCC video.

Now for the incredibly disappointing part. They pulled it! Ding Dongs united in their glee (dEspicable ding dong). You can’t have it both ways. You either think the use of such images and the political profiting is wrong or not. Hell, even the Republican Mike DeWine July attack ad used images of the WTC for political gain.

I wish it had not been pulled and it will show here every night this week as a late night Plunderprotest.

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