OK, today must one of those days in which every ounce of my discretion is tested. First there was fetus farming, now we have the entire menu of the wingnuts “American Values Agenda“. Modern day Republicans wouldn’t know American Values if it hit them in the face like an errant Cheney shotgun blast.

All of this non-legislative bullshit – from the attack on love and marriage, to the fight against scientific research and cures – is the saddest form of political maneuvering and one can only hope that the American people see it for what it is. Button pushing. None of this stuff is going anywhere. It is clear to me that the Republican party is running scared because the change boogeyman is coming to get them!

Freedom to Display the American Flag Act

Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act


I’m glad to see that not only Dems can screw up. These are big mistakes bringing back divisiveness to the political arena. We’ll soon see how big.


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