OK, let me just preface this by saying that these people make me sick to my stomach. Seriously ill. These anti-cure stem cell research opponents are going to end up in the dust bin of American Politics. The President might want to maintain his kook base by penning his first veto, but I seriously doubt he will. It would be a huge mistake.

So here is the rundown. We have 3 things in the Senate:

SB 471 – The Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act which is HR 810. This has been buried for over a year and is finally coming to the floor of the Senate. This is an important bill which will have the result of saving many lives. This is indeed a pro-life initiative.

Enter scared Republican legislative tactics:

SB 2754 (Santorum/Specter) the Alternative Pluripotent Stem Cell Therapies Enhancement Act – The what? In the what? Exactly. This is the bill that adds the language “to derive?stem cell lines without?harming embryos”. You know, adult stem cell research which is already funded along with other unproven methods which pander to the religious right but haven’t been shown to be effective. This will be the bill that wingnuts will vote for so they can be able to say “I supported stem cell research”. It’s a decoy.

SB 3504 (Santorum/Brownback) the Fetus Farming Prohibition Act – This is the one that brings out the worst in me. Who the FUCK supports or even advoctes “fetus farming”? N O B O D Y. This is another decoy and sets up a strawman in attacking a non-existent threat. These people are shameless and shouldn’t be serving in the Senate. This one might be called “SB 911 – Santorum Shitting Himself Act”. It would also criminalize scientific research.

How there are even ANY United States Senators who would oppose SB471 is beyond me. Bush won’t veto it. His phone is ringing off the hook as we speak fielding calls from Senators Shits in Pants and Congressmen Scared to Death. Of course, this president has shown no reticence to be completely against the will of the American people, so maybe he will. I almost hope so. It would affirm his party’s place as the party of death. Anti-cure Republicans. Got a nice ring to it.

There is no death. There is no farming. There is no destruction. These people make me fuckin’ ill. When you’ve lost Frist, you know you’ve fallen off the edge of Wingnuttia. A personal call from Nancy Reagan…that would be nice.

(thanks to stemcellbattles.com for the background)

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