(Guest blogged by Michael Wood with the Shamansky for Congress campaign)

Before Strickland and the rest of the statewide ticket rolled out to Heath on Saturday, they stopped in Delaware at Bank?s Farmers Market. I had expected low turn out when we pulled off S. Sandusky well before we hit downtown Delaware. I was wrong. It was a packed crowd.

Bob Shamansky stumping in Delaware

(Bob Shamansky stumping in Delaware)

Bob Speaks to a crowd at Banks Farm Market in Delaware, OH

(Bob Speaks to a crowd at Banks Farm Market in Delaware, OH)

We started off with a speech from State Sen. Marc Dann. ?Had Enough?? He asked. He reminded us that he was the one that broke the story on Coingate, and that when we elect him as AG we?re going to get a pitbull in office. Dann had a spring in his step, and he looked more energized than when I last saw him?and he wasn?t exactly slow moving then.

Rich Cordray took the stump next and talked about his race. Running for Treasurer, Cordray spoke about his time as a county auditor and how he used that seat to get millions of dollars in back taxes from deadbeats. Cordray is soft-spoken, but it fits his easy delivery and fluid style.

As soon as Rich was finished, Bob Shamansky bounded up and grabbed the mic. He was on fire, and gave one of the better speeches I?ve heard in a while. I?m partial, so I won?t talk about it too much, but Bob talked about reforming medicare and electing people who understand what true service is. He talked about standing up to special interest groups, and not serving the big money groups. Why? ?Because it?s the right thing to do.?

After Bob, Ted Strickland took the stage, and he killed it. Ted is master of the Clinton-esque speech. Everything returns to a personal story, or something from a person who he has met along the trail. You can tell Ted was a minister; when he speaks you feel his words. Ted moves to the crowd, and responds in his speech to whatever type of reception they give him. He is fiery, alive, and always personable. Exactly what you aim for on the stump.

Finally, we had Jennifer Brunner, and let me tell you if I could convince every politician to give a speech like that I would. It was about 2 minutes long, conveyed her message, and was vibrant, but not bombastic. Brunner?s message: Elect us, we?ll do the hard work, and you?ll never know I was there because I?m doing my job – not running political campaigns. Perfect.

The team rolled on to Heath, and from all accounts had a great time there. I can?t tell you how happy I am with our ticket, and the reception they?ve been getting is huge. I am impressed time and again with the turnout we get in places like Delaware and the efforts of the Delaware County Party. These rural counties are key, and with the team we?ve got, I?d say that we?re well on our way to having a great November.

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