(Guest blogged by Michael Wood of the Shamansky for Congress campaign)

As Plunderbund was unable to make it to the screening this weekend ?An Inconvenient Truth?, he asked me to write about the event.

The Delaware Co. Dems deserve big credit for turning out such a huge crowd. When we came up 15 minutes before the show was to begin, there were already lines of people standing outside in what can only be described as a downpour.

People were standing out in the street waiting to sign up and get literature from the booth.

Delaware Dems stop by and pick up literature before the movie!

(Delaware Dems stop by and pick up literature before the movie!)

Inside the theater was packed. I had a short conversation with one woman who wanted a Shamansky bumper sticker. I remarked to her that I had no idea that there were that many democrats in Delaware.

?Neither did I!? She said. ?I had no idea that some of these people were democrats.?

She said that there were people at the event she?d known for years that she had figured were Republicans. More importantly, she observed that there were new people at the event, people that had never been active before. People feel the need for change all over this state, and the groundswell is starting.

Ed Helvey, Delaware County Chair, Spoke very briefly at the event, taking time to point out the fact that Bob Shamansky was there.

Bob Shamansky and 200 of his closest friends!

(Bob Shamansky and 200 of his closest friends go to the movies)

I don?t think that I can do Al Gore?s words justice. The movie was captivating. Gore?s presentation brilliantly rendered global issues onto a local scale, conveyed simply how our local actions have global effect. As Gore said, ?this is really not a political issue so much as it is a moral issue.?

The movie has a great website, and an equally great blog, which I?d encourage everyone to check out. Oh, and go see the film. Trust me, its well worth your while.