From the daily archives: Tuesday, July 18, 2006

(hat tip blueohioan) Well, Anthony’s clock runs out on the Republican Senator from Ohio and we have our answer:

Obedient Conservative

So much for the “independent voice”. Nice work Mikey!

Mike DeWine: Staunch supporter of the culture of death, anti-cure movement.

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Tito get me a tissue! DeWiners are here and they need some. I meant to comment on this last week and I know most of you are really missing my frequent Mattie Boy (ding dong boy to you) smackdown. Well, not to disappoint.

In case you missed it. Hah. He said “in case you missed it”…nevermind. Inside joke. Our boy the ding dong kid was all a flutter over the directness of the following DCCC ad that does not mix words or images in pointing out the pure incompetency of this administration and our current faux-leadership:

The only […]

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GOP Pandering: There’s More!

On July 18, 2006 By

OK, today must one of those days in which every ounce of my discretion is tested. First there was fetus farming, now we have the entire menu of the wingnuts “American Values Agenda“. Modern day Republicans wouldn’t know American Values if it hit them in the face like an errant Cheney shotgun blast.

All of this non-legislative bullshit – from the attack on love and marriage, to the fight against scientific research and cures – is the saddest form of political maneuvering and one can only hope that the American people see it for what it is. Button […]

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Embryonic Histrionics

On July 18, 2006 By

OK, let me just preface this by saying that these people make me sick to my stomach. Seriously ill. These anti-cure stem cell research opponents are going to end up in the dust bin of American Politics. The President might want to maintain his kook base by penning his first veto, but I seriously doubt he will. It would be a huge mistake.

So here is the rundown. We have 3 things in the Senate:

SB 471 – The Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act which is HR 810. This has been buried for over a year and is finally […]

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(Guest blogged by Michael Wood with the Shamansky for Congress campaign)

Before Strickland and the rest of the statewide ticket rolled out to Heath on Saturday, they stopped in Delaware at Bank?s Farmers Market. I had expected low turn out when we pulled off S. Sandusky well before we hit downtown Delaware. I was wrong. It was a packed crowd.

(Bob Shamansky stumping in Delaware)

(Bob Speaks to a crowd at Banks Farm Market in Delaware, OH)

We started off with a speech from State Sen. Marc Dann. ?Had Enough?? He asked. He reminded us that he was […]

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(Guest blogged by Michael Wood of the Shamansky for Congress campaign)

As Plunderbund was unable to make it to the screening this weekend ?An Inconvenient Truth?, he asked me to write about the event.

The Delaware Co. Dems deserve big credit for turning out such a huge crowd. When we came up 15 minutes before the show was to begin, there were already lines of people standing outside in what can only be described as a downpour.

People were standing out in the street waiting to sign up and get literature from the booth.

(Delaware Dems […]

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The ODP has a response ad out to the DeWine 911 fear smear ad. Good stuff.

ODP page about ad

Quicktime download

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