Great Op Piece in the NYT talking about what the real Bush agenda has been and continues to be:  expansion of the executive at our expense. 

It is only now, nearly five years after Sept. 11, that the full picture of the Bush administration?s response to the terror attacks is becoming clear. Much of it, we can see now, had far less to do with fighting Osama bin Laden than with expanding presidential power.

It is pretty clear to anyone paying attention or not deluded by rightwing talking points.  The piece breaks it down and what we are left with is what we are left with:

One result has been a frayed democratic fabric in a country founded on a constitutional system of checks and balances. Another has been a less effective war on terror.

This is the story we must tell. I think the people in both Ohio and the country at large are putting all the pieces together as we speak and there is no defense. The very fabric of our nation has been tattered by the pure arrogrance of this administration and this is why we must have change…NOW!

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