OK, so first we news of the fundraising being neck and neck despite Bush coming to town to raise some big plate dollars. Next we have news that despite his first feel good ad about firefighters, Republican Mike DeWine voted AGAINST funding them.

NOW we have word on the street that Republican Mike DeWine is running attack ads on TV against Sherrod Brown. Attacks ads? In mid July? Holy internal polls batman, this looks like horrible news for Republican Mike DeWine. Quick! Get the Swiftboat Veterans for DeWine on the phone! This one’s losing blood doctor! Stat!

If anyone sees the ad, please comment in with reports. If anyone can get a copy of it, send it my way. Love to see this. Fire up the TIVO!

Update: Found it. This is just sad (and great news) that DeWine is so scared he feels he has to run attack ads this early. He even spent the money to get a whole website set up: www.brownvotes.com. LOL. Thanks for the call from a studious reader who found this. Russell also has some comments on it.

The ad:

Sherrod Brown is responsible for 911 seems to be the underlying thread here. How funny. Pathetic really.

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