via Brown campaign site:

Ohio Republican incumbent Senator Mike DeWine reached a new low in negative campaigning today when he used images of the American tragedy of 9/11 to smear his opponent in the U. S. Senate campaign, Ohio Congressman Sherrod Brown.

It is not the first time DeWine has used underhanded distortions in a campaign. During his failed bid against American hero and astronaut Senator John Glenn an Ohio newspaper reported the DeWine campaign claiming, “?if Glenn had his way the Berlin Wall still would be standing and former Soviet republics still would be enslaved.” [Columbus Dispatch, 10/27/92]

“Misleading voters and dirty campaigning is nothing new for Mike DeWine,” said Brown Campaign Manager John Ryan. “But today, he reached a new, shameful, low. The ad uses images of the burning twin towers, and mug shots of all nineteen 9/11 hijackers.

“He added insult to injury when he shrouded the images with distorted claims about Sherrod’s record,” Ryan said. “Sherrod has a strong record fighting for body armor for our troops and calling for full funding for homeland security programs to secure our borders and keep our communities safe.”

Brown has voted for $2.4 trillion in national security funding, voted for the death penalty for terrorists, and demanded answers about body armor, troop numbers, and weapons of mass destruction from President Bush before going to war in Iraq.

“Clearly Senator DeWine is trying to mask his serious vulnerabilities on this issue,” Ryan said. “He sat on the Intelligence Committee and reviewed the faulty intelligence that sent us to war in Iraq and did nothing to question the president. He voted time and again to cut homeland security funding ? including voting just yesterday against funding for Ohio’s fire fighters. He desperately wants to mislead Ohio voters to hide the truth. But it won’t work this time. 2006 is about change.”

heh, that firefighter thing not going away anytime soon. More to come I’m betting. 2006 is about change. These guys do think it is 2004 all over again. I got new for ’em. It ain’t. The release includes a link to a pdf with background.

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