I referenced this before and noticed a post by Renee in Ohio over at BSB that i wanted to pick up on. The article she cites points out my blowback theory as it relates to the overreaching of the right in their use of religion for partisan gain:

“We are furious that the religious right has made Jesus into a Republican. That’s idolatry,” Campolo said. “To recreate Jesus in your own image rather than allowing yourself to be created in Jesus’ image is what’s wrong with politics.”

There doesn’t need to be much of anything added to this. The only thing I would add is that I’m glad Ted and some others have done what I’ve been saying they needed to do and that is not hide their religion and try to be comfortable talking about their faith in a way that is natural and sincere. I see that happening and now the right is flailing about wondering what to do about it. It only gets worse for them from here.

I do think a great deal of steam is taken out of the right’s use of religion and it remains to be seen whether these groups can mobilize people to vote. If you really look at which party aligns most with the teachings of Jesus it is easy – real easy.

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