Man I love this one. Ken has screwed up every single one of his “big ideas”. Jesse over at the Strickland Blog (and BSB) writes:

Today, the AP revealed that Ken Blackwell, who wants to privatize the Ohio Turnpike by leasing it to a foreign company for 99 years, tried to get out of paying tolls on the exact same Turnpike.

On a trip last week promoting the moneymaking potential of the Ohio Turnpike, gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell paid no tolls.

The State Highway Patrol, which drove Blackwell on the two-city tour July 6, asked for and got permission to travel the road for free, Turnpike records show. Two staffers who accompanied Blackwell in their own vehicles paid the $3.70 it cost to ride from Cleveland to Toledo.

This is one of those things that I wish I had made up…really I do. Insta-classic.

Strickland responds with “let them eat tolls”:

U.S. Rep. Ted Strickland, Blackwell?s Democratic rival in the governor?s race, called the act small but revealing.

?All the other citizens that drove the Turnpike that day ? I assume, except for under these very circumspect conditions ? paid their toll,? he said. ?I think little things reflect whether we consider ourselves to be in a special class or maybe have some kind of elite status.?

Makes me smile about as much as a Matt Naugle video.

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