OK, so beer drinking leads to homosexuality. They better bail out of that gay marriage ban quick! Budweiser does NOT want this little bit of information out:

An unidentified man, who said he is a Sunday-school teacher, reportedly expressed concern that if Pomeroy continues to allow beer sales at these two events, the village’s downtown may start resembling New Orleans’ Bourbon Street, where people are allowed to drink alcoholic beverages on the street. This, the Daily Sentinel quoted him as saying, has led to multiple problems, including providing a base for one of the “biggest homosexual and lesbian movements in the country.”

Seriously, where do these people COME from? By the way, I’m a huge craft brew fan and the Ohio Brew Week looks like a blast and I’m going to try to make it down. I guess I will have to break it to my wife that this will turn me gay. 🙁

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