BSB has some parallel evidence that this thought to be safe Republican district is breaking away from the red stranglehold and coming our way. Blackwell gets thumped by 12% in this district. It is no wonder i continue to talk to Republican after Republican here (there are lots) who are not voting that way.

Studebaker is also closer than anyone thought possible (42/38) and could do the same as Shamansky once the message gets out there and move ahead. Add this to the Wulsin stuff that came out recently and we have the makings of a true turnaround in Ohio.

So for all you 12th CD peeps, the message is clear and it IS the message. Do what you can to help get the message out about our candidates this time around. If we succeed in that, we win.

Update: Whoops, Pryce in trouble too. (from OH-15 and BSB)