From the daily archives: Thursday, July 13, 2006

from the mailbag via Shamansky campaign:

?Why in the world would Pat Tiberi vote to support illegal gambling interests?? asked Shamansky. ?The answer is pretty obvious: his benefactors in the banking and credit card industries asked him to. Instead of standing up for principle, Mr. Tiberi has again taken a dive for the special interests that fund his election campaigns. And while his constituents are drowning in a sea of debt forced upon them by credit card companies, Mr. Tiberi is floating on a raft of banking industry dollars.? Rep. Tiberi has received more than $62,000 this election cycle […]

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OK, we are going to need a running list of Rethuglicans who switch to being “independent”. That Bush guy is just killing them in these polls! Maybe we can start here and I can revisit this post as needed. So here it goes:

Republican Mike DeWine: “Independent fighter for Ohio families”

Republican Deboarah “Da Boar” Pryce: “emphasizes her independent streak

(mysteriously gone now is this header…hmm)

Scurry little Republican cockaroaches! Scurry! Add more catches to the comments and we’ll update the post. Put snagit on full alert as well!

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Abramoff’s Dog (comic)

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more of the Plunderbund funtime hour:

(photo edited by me…sorry Scott!)

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More Good News in the 12th CD

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BSB has some parallel evidence that this thought to be safe Republican district is breaking away from the red stranglehold and coming our way. Blackwell gets thumped by 12% in this district. It is no wonder i continue to talk to Republican after Republican here (there are lots) who are not voting that way.

Studebaker is also closer than anyone thought possible (42/38) and could do the same as Shamansky once the message gets out there and move ahead. Add this to the Wulsin stuff that came out recently and we have the makings of a true turnaround […]

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It’s A Series of Tubes!

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This is something I can't pass on and since I'm in such a fun mood lately, I must share this with you. Some of you might know about Senator Ted Stevens' recent speech regarding the Internet not being a truck…but a series of tubes. You can hear the whole speech here, but I'd rather give you the abbreviated techno version:

Download it and keep it handy – it’s a real pick me upper!

Thanks to Paul Holcomb at for that. Really, Paul Thanks! Senator Stevens might want to check out an article by the […]

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OK, so beer drinking leads to homosexuality. They better bail out of that gay marriage ban quick! Budweiser does NOT want this little bit of information out:

An unidentified man, who said he is a Sunday-school teacher, reportedly expressed concern that if Pomeroy continues to allow beer sales at these two events, the village’s downtown may start resembling New Orleans’ Bourbon Street, where people are allowed to drink alcoholic beverages on the street. This, the Daily Sentinel quoted him as saying, has led to multiple problems, including providing a base for one of the “biggest homosexual and lesbian movements […]

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OH-12 has the scoop. There are indeed some very interesting numbers here. The first thing that pops right out really:

In a head-to-head matchup, Tiberi has less than 50% of the vote (46% Tiberi, 30% Shamansky).

This is a classic sign of incumbent vulnerability. Less than half of the people in the 12th would vote for their sitting Congressman. This is bad for Pat. Real bad. The reason why is that Bob is coming on strong and getting his message out there and it is resonating. This lines up almost spot on to the anecdotal evidence I have been […]

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More Betta (video)

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Late night Plunderfun…er, early morning. I'm not sure what it is about this little 6 minute film, but it has a great affect on me – did from the first time I saw it. It is 7 years old now and I don't think it will ever get old.

I hope you've seen it and could use the reminder. If you haven't, be prepared to see one of the best stop motion shorts there is.

Be sure to visit the site and order a DVD Special Edition. It is well worth it and you'll want to watch this […]

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Unrelated Irony

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OK, this is just funny.  Allstate in Milwaukee rewards customers by buying them free gasoline.  Rewards them for safe driving mind you.  The result?  A little disorderly conduct, fistacuffs, and two car accidents.  Gotta love it.  LOL. 

Allstate’s Stand

Lemme guess, they all waited in line from 4am to 6am with their engines running…

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