From the daily archives: Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Kelso over at RABid doesn’t seem to like the fact that church groups are backing the minimum wage increase. Doesn’t like it one bit. You see, religion is for the sole use of the Republican Party.

Awww, poor Stevie. You and yours opened the can of worms, my friend…and you overextended. The blowback was inevitable.

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These damned things just keep getting harder and harder!

Thanks for the patience and welcome to episode 6 of the Plunderbund Show – A Periodic Podcast. I want to also remind folks that anyone who might want to act as scheduler and get associate producer credits, feel free to get in touch!

Get to know Scott Piepho of Pho’s Akron Pages

Stephanie Studebaker, candidate for Congress in OH03 talks to Eric

Eric interviews Congressman Tim Ryan

…and much more, including a Scott Bakalar remix and an Indian Republican call-in to the show!

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Plunderbund Podcast Episode 6

On July 12, 2006 By

For the 3 people that care (kidding – there are hundreds now!), episode 6 of the podcast is in production as we speak. Hope to have it up here soon. On the show will be Stephanie Studebaker, Tim Ryan, Scott Piepho, and some mystery right wing call-in dude.

Stay tuned…

Update: It’s all ready to go save for the uploading, which I’ll have to do in a bit – gotta step out. Back soon!…OK before I go, a quick link to episode 6.

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Once on a journey Zen master Zenko happened to see a ruined temple that he thought should be restored. Completely without material resources of his own, Zenko wrote a large sign saying, “This month, on such-and-such day, the pilgrim Zen master Zenko will perform a self-cremation. Let those who will donate money for firewood come watch.”

Now Zenko posted this sign here and there. Soon the local people were agog, and donations began pouring in.

On the appointed day, people jammed the temple, awaiting the lighting of the fire.

Zenko sat in the firewood, preparing to immolate himself. He […]

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