OK, so first report back from the U-N-I-T-Y event says that Sherrod Brown apologized for swiftboating Paul and for cutting his funding off at the knees…good….what? Huh? Paul apologized to Sherrod?

Free skate in hell…ya’ll come! I don’t mean to ask a stupid question, nor the obvious, but what in the world could Paul have to apologize for? Serving his country? Answering the call when asked to oppose DeWine? Getting swiftboated? Having fundraisers bullied? Getting netroots guys hired out against him and flipped? Ya, I guess all of that. Shame on you Paul Hackett. Shame on you!

Wow. Just wow.

Now hugging Connie was a class move, I’ll admit that. My feeling is, until I hear or see the whole thing, that the wrong guy apologized. Truly.

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  • Muffet

    Probably for calling him a putz. That really isn’t nice. Paul is making nice. He said he doesn’t want his children to read this footnote somewhere later in their lives and think it was all stupid.

  • BetsyMcCall

    Hackett has plenty to apologize for. His boorish behavior and attempts to smear a good Democrat who tried to help him were more than enough evidence that he wasn’t up for the job.

    Sherrod is a gentleman and generous person to accept his apology so graciously after the terrible things Hackett said. Hackett will do himself a great service if he learns something about statesmanship from Brown.

    Now he needs to apologize to John Murtha and perhaps see about taking an anger management class.

  • BetsyMcCall

    And the way Hackett supporters have continued to attack Connie Schultz is an insult to Dems and progressives everywhere.

    Misogyny isn’t part of being a progressive Democrat. That’s usually something conservatives engage in.

  • Muffet

    Nobody is attacking Connie due to misogyny. If it were the other way around and Connie were running and Sherrod inserted himself into everything and was constantly there beside her, being the center of attention, we would be complaining about that, too. It’s not about Connie. How many other spouses can you name? It’s about her seeming necessity to insert herself into absolutely everything having to do with her husband. She’s in love. He’s in love. Great. Get a room.

    You Sherrod uber supporters are not making friends by continuing to attack Hackett. Even after he made nice. Even after he made the first move. You want to keep this up? That’s just plain stupid. Accept it and go on. Methinks you do protest way too much.

  • BetsyMcCall

    Al & Tipper Gore? Bill & Hillary Clinton?

    Please, give me a break.

    Have you ever noticed that you folks spend far more time bashing Dem candidates than you do talking about issues? Sniping and gossiping like a bunch of high school girls doesn’t pass for intelligent political discussion.

    The endless sexist statements on what passes for the Ohio liberal blogosphere are tiresome and ancient. Maybe some of you should get professional counseling or step into the 21st century where women have equal rights and expect to be treated with equal respect.

    And for pete’s sake, talk about issues and GOP scandals or something once in a whle.

  • Eric

    Do you ever notice you only come around to comment when the criticism is internal and try to quell it? I do.

  • Pounder

    Betsy, I have noticed you spend more time shilling for Brown with your ridiculous revionists history than you do commenting on the dozens of posts i have posted attacking brown, or the dozens of posts talking about all kinds of issues.

    One word.

  • Muffet

    If Paul can suck it up and go on, surely Betsy McCall can. If Paul can say it’s not about personalities or politics but about the future of our country, surely Betsy McCall can. If Sherrod can say that Paul is a class act, surely even Betsy McCall can consider that it might be the truth.

  • Eric

    Go easy on Liz guys.

  • BetsyMcCall

    Bring it on boys, what do you want to talk about?

    Sherrod is an excellent legislator and the Dems have a good ticket. Let’s get out and support them. Save the criticism for the crooked GOP. Have a problem with that?

  • BetsyMcCall

    and knock off the sexism. The majority of Dem voters are women and we don’t appreciate it.

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