OK, so first report back from the U-N-I-T-Y event says that Sherrod Brown apologized for swiftboating Paul and for cutting his funding off at the knees…good….what? Huh? Paul apologized to Sherrod?

Free skate in hell…ya’ll come! I don’t mean to ask a stupid question, nor the obvious, but what in the world could Paul have to apologize for? Serving his country? Answering the call when asked to oppose DeWine? Getting swiftboated? Having fundraisers bullied? Getting netroots guys hired out against him and flipped? Ya, I guess all of that. Shame on you Paul Hackett. Shame on you!

Wow. Just wow.

Now hugging Connie was a class move, I’ll admit that. My feeling is, until I hear or see the whole thing, that the wrong guy apologized. Truly.

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