It is great when a reporter asks a good question of the president. Even better when Bush’s response is “duh…uh…”

(hat tip C&L)

Imagine that. Label a country part of an axis of evil and they get pissed and ramp up their evilness. Diplomacy 101 there cowboy. Heh. Now we have this theme they want to push that Clinton failed on North Korea and Bush “learned from that”. The only thing the preznit has learned is that it is not always best to put your cowboy on. Think Progress gives us the details:

Let?s review the progress of North Korea?s nuclear program during the last three administrations:

1. George H. W. Bush: one to two bombs? worth of plutonium

2. Bill Clinton: zero plutonium

3. George W. Bush: 4-6 nuclear weapons? worth of plutonium

So, again, neoconservatism is flailing about but saying the opposite of what they are achieving. We’ve gone backwards on the nuclear threat and for Bush to have to ask a reporter about North Korea proliferation is very telling. Duh.

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