From the daily archives: Monday, July 10, 2006

OK, so first report back from the U-N-I-T-Y event says that Sherrod Brown apologized for swiftboating Paul and for cutting his funding off at the knees…good….what? Huh? Paul apologized to Sherrod?

Free skate in hell…ya’ll come! I don’t mean to ask a stupid question, nor the obvious, but what in the world could Paul have to apologize for? Serving his country? Answering the call when asked to oppose DeWine? Getting swiftboated? Having fundraisers bullied? Getting netroots guys hired out against him and flipped? Ya, I guess all of that. Shame on you Paul Hackett. Shame on you!

Wow. Just […]

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It is great when a reporter asks a good question of the president. Even better when Bush’s response is “duh…uh…”

(hat tip C&L)

Imagine that. Label a country part of an axis of evil and they get pissed and ramp up their evilness. Diplomacy 101 there cowboy. Heh. Now we have this theme they want to push that Clinton failed on North Korea and Bush “learned from that”. The only thing the preznit has learned is that it is not always best to put your cowboy on. Think Progress gives us the details:

Let?s review the […]

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Not: Baghdad Erupts in Mob Violence

(NYT) BAGHDAD, July 9 ? A mob of gunmen went on a brazen daytime rampage through a predominantly Sunni Arab district of western Baghdad on Sunday, pulling people from their cars and homes and killing them in what officials and residents called a spasm of revenge by Shiite militias for the bombing of a Shiite mosque on Saturday. Hours later, two car bombs exploded beside a Shiite mosque in another Baghdad neighborhood in a deadly act of what appeared to be retaliation.

The administration is not inept. They are implementing neoconservatism quite well, […]

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Here on Earth we are worrying about global warming and it’s effects while down in hell apparently they are worried about a freeze. Apparently hell is about to freeze over:

The Sherrod Brown for Senate campaign is set to make a special announcement in Cincinnati Monday July 10th

Please join us for a MAJOR (hint) Democratic Party unity event supporting Congressman Sherrod Brown’s race for the US Senate.

Join Congressional Candidates John Cranley and Victoria Wulson and Democrats from across Southwest Ohio as U.S. Senate Candidate Sherrod Brown recieves an important endorsement in his race against Mike Dewine.

Join us […]

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Space Over Ney in 5…4…3…

On July 10, 2006 By

Zack Space is pounding Bob Ney in an internal poll. Ruh-roh. Polling. Let’s get all geared up to fuss about numbers. You can say what you will, but I call this a bad sign:

The poll, conducted by Cooper & Secrest Associates surveyed 503 likely general election voters in Ohio’s 18th district on June 28th and 29th. Before any messages are tested, Space leads the race with 46 percent. Bob Ney is at 35 percent, with 19 percent undecided.

Uh, wow. Maybe I’m wrong about the Strickland effect? Or is it just that all these “red” districts are fed up […]

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