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Strickland & Blackwell Campaigns
Joint Statement on Debates

Columbus, Ohio – The Ohioans for Blackwell and Strickland for Governor campaigns today offered the following joint statement in regards to the 2006 gubernatorial debates:

“The Strickland for Governor and Ohioans for Blackwell campaigns have met three times over the past few weeks in a good faith effort to coordinate gubernatorial debates. Both sides have compromised, and we have agreed upon mutual venues and dates to hold four debates, one each in Youngstown, Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland.

Both campaigns expressly agreed that a Cleveland debate be sponsored by a media consortium including the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Columbus Dispatch, Dayton Daily News and the Call & Post, an African American-owned newspaper with readership in Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus.

Both campaigns remain open to accommodation for a Cleveland event if an agreement between the four sponsoring media organizations can be quickly reached.

Hosting organizations for the other three debates agreed to adjustments in venues, dates, topics and formats at the request of the campaigns late last week.

We believe our mutually agreed upon debate structure will help all Ohioans learn more about the candidates and the policy issues facing Ohio.”

Yellow Dog Sammy has more, including an interesting back story surrounding the MSM.

I’m sure we’re not going to see an MTB format anytime soon, which is fine seeing how nobody reads these blogs on the internets anyways.

Update: Pho has more background and an interesting take, especially the pot committed line. I just love me some poker references…baybee! Nice try, Ken. Might think about having more than QJ next time you bluff…

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