…Ya got trouble, my friend, right here, I say, trouble right here in River City.

Naymik outs what we’ve been hearing all week. ODP appears to have some trouble on its hands. Russell posted earlier about problems with the much touted new voter file system. Now we hear about fractures in the coordinated:

The Ohio Democratic Party bragged three months ago that it hired Richard Dickerson to help coordinate statewide campaigns this year, a position the party couldn’t afford to fill four years ago.

But Dickerson, who worked in Ohio during the 2004 presidential campaign, left his job last Friday under a cloud of rumors.

The cloud of rumors I hear are pretty serious and very troubling and include charges of sexual harassment and insider rumblings about coordinated campaign cash shortages and down ticket candidates being told they don’t matter as much. Anyone hear anything about Victory Squads lately? No. Why? Because it is window dressing. A facade. I’ve not received one communication since volunteering months back. Now we lose Dickerson after much fanfare on being able to hire him in the first place? Killer.

I’d love to know what the change in direction is, as well as how the “Hitch your wagon to Ted” strategy is working. I’m not sitting here feeling very confident at the moment. It will get Ted elected, but is that how we measure success in the fall? It is just the first on my list of things that define success. One of about a dozen. We have to do way better than this, even in a toxic environment for our opponents.

I personally think the Strickland/Brown wagon train strategy was a loser to begin with. I don’t think support of Strickland necessarily translates into a waterfall of wins for other Dems, nor do I think this focus at the expense of others is going to pay off in the end. We will just continue to lose playing it this way. Plain and simple. Trouble with the coordinated effort is a sign of this.

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