Greg Hartmann speaks. Who, you might ask? H-A-R-T-M-A-N-N. Greg. You know, silly. The guy running against Jennifer Brunner (OK, the guy walking against Jennifer Brunner) for Secretary of State. Well, he woke up I guess and we get to do political translation 101. Fun!

Greg says: “Hartmann, the Hamilton County clerk of courts, said he supports the job that current secretary and gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell has done, but wants to do more. ”

Greg means: “Listen, I know Ken has fucked shit up. But I want to fix it. I’m the change guy…no really.”

Greg says: “Hartmann said he would not serve as the chair of any candidate or issue campaign while secretary of state, saying such a role would not blend well with the bi-partisan spirit he wants to bring to the office. ”

Greg means: “OK, OK, we fucked that one up too. But I won’t do that crazy shiznat. All ya’ll bitches can be assured of that. I will be on the up and up skippy!…no really.”

Uh-oh, Greg is on Jennifer’s radar now. Look out! I just love that he had to add 15 points so his would be bigger. That’s just precious!

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