Tiberi obeyedWell, my buddy at Lincoln Logs is at it again. First he wanted to make fun of Bob for his age. That didn’t work. Bob schooled him like a fat kid in dodge ball:

(Dispatch) Age could be a factor, Shamansky admitted, making a Reaganesque promise not to hold the 43-year-old Tiberi?s “youth and inexperience against him.”

I’m not saying Matt is fat, but his blog sure is beginning to look like one big box of Ho Hos (tasty to some, but essentially worthless).

Now Mr. Ho-Ho wants to label Bob an “extremist peacenik candidate“. This coming from someone who, to my knowledge, never put on a uniform and had bullets whizzing about his dome. Hell, Matt even admits he’s not even in “serviceable shape”. Drop the wingnut spin along with the box of Ho Hos and do something with your jingoism buddy. A recruiter can’t be that hard to find. I’ve seen these guys work, they’ll whip you into shape! Trust me…(smiles)

The problem for Matt is that Bob has been there and knows what military service is about. He is also smart enough to know that the war has been mismanaged from the word go. Staying the course is indeed not a strategy. It is food for the needy conservatives who desperately need something to hang on to. This administration at just about every turn has proven to be incredibly incompetent and dangerous.

Here is the kicker. In his post, Matt contends: “This war is founded in sound strategy”. Will you all now join me in a big chorus of “You have GOT to be fucking kidding me!” Too bad the polls show “people are tiring”, as my favorite whipping boy says. No, Matt. What people are tiring of is tired ass talking point carpet bombings. “Cut and run…cut and run…cut and run…CUT AND RUN!!!!!!!”

I love how the position that aligns most closely with polls is labeled “extremist peacenik” and the one that is most out of synch is labeled “mainstream vision”. Get a grip, Matt. The only vision Pat Tiberi has is of Bush’s ass in front of him.

Pat Tiberi is a follower. Bob Shamansky is a leader. It really doesn’t get more clear than this.

PS – Iraq is only part of the war on terror because we made it so. Your talking point regurgitation is certainly on point, though…I’ll give you that!

[damn, I forgot what fun this is…welcome back me!]

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