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OK, let me get this straight. You have your shrink, a Dr. Strumwasser (say it again slowly…you’ll giggle I guarantee it), prescribe himself Viagra – remember now, STRUMWASSER. He does this so you’ll be saved the embarassment of having it in your name. Then you get caught with prescribed medicine that is not yours…after having gotten off with some high priced lawyering for being addicted to Oxycontin and doctor shopping to get more. Anyone see a trend here at all?

What is the defense? My shrink prescribed me a woody.

I love hypocrisy, but not quite as much as […]

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You hear alot about conceptual “cutting and running”. Nevermind the fact that you can’t cut and run from an occupation (it is inevitable that you will by definition), you will hear Rs and wingnut bloggers say it until they are literally blue in the face. The real cut and run routine has been going on for some time…with a bit of added bait and switch. Editor over at OH02 does the juxtapose thing rather nicely, by showing us the following two headlines:

July 4th New York Times > C.I.A. Closes Unit Focused on Capture of bin Laden

July […]

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Respect The Classics Man!

On July 5, 2006 By

This photo made me think of a line from the movie Cars from Filmore, the hippie bus character:

It is also something I’d like to remind Bob’s detractors:

…couple more photos after the break…

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I was raised Catholic. I just knelt 4 times and had a beer while typing that – it’s a Catholic thing. Some might know that I’m no longer Catholic. I resisted the combination of calisthenics and spirituality I guess and became a Zen practitioner. Now I just sit and don’t think – I kinda like it.

I want to talk about something that i think is being hugly misrepresented and has the potential to really damage our country, our kids, and our way of life. The defense of marriage. Yet another Orwellian crafted message from those on the right […]

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Well, my buddy at Lincoln Logs is at it again. First he wanted to make fun of Bob for his age. That didn’t work. Bob schooled him like a fat kid in dodge ball:

(Dispatch) Age could be a factor, Shamansky admitted, making a Reaganesque promise not to hold the 43-year-old Tiberi?s “youth and inexperience against him.”

I’m not saying Matt is fat, but his blog sure is beginning to look like one big box of Ho Hos (tasty to some, but essentially worthless).

Now Mr. Ho-Ho wants to label Bob an “extremist peacenik candidate“. This […]

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