Eric talks about the Better Ted Than Red T-shirt promo brought to you by Plunderbund and Get your free T-shirt today!

First 3 to call get free T-shirts. 614-448-3332. Remember to leave your name and email or phone number so i can contact you at the beginning, then leave your comment/rant/words of wisdom. I reserve the right to not qualify a call. For example, if you just say bob johnson at and then say “blah”…that will most likely go in the trash bin and not qualify.

If you don’t want to call in or there have already been 3 T shirts awarded, please visit and buy one! The more visibility the better. Wear them everywhere you go from now until November. Good on ya mates!

[Thanks to Shane for doing the shirts and especially for extending this great promotion to the Plunderbund readers!]

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