Light blogging due to doing some tabling work for the DelCo Dems at the Delaware County Senior Expo. Great amount of interest in the Dem table and I’ve already had some very interesting discussions with a few people.

Several Republicans have stopped by and indicated they are voting for Ted Strickland. The reasons have been varied and range from vague to what I feel might be widespread opinion:

“I like him”
“Ted seems like a good guy”
“I looked at his profile and I like him”
“I can’t vote for Blackwell”

The most interesting was a conversation with a woman who stopped by and gave me the same “I’m Republican, but I’m voting for Ted line”. I asked her why and she gave me the “I like him…seems like a good guy” line. I then ask about Ken and why she seemingly can’t support him. Her response floored me. “I think there should be separation of church and state”.

Something tells me this is not an isolated incident and not a singular opinion.

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