A blog post recently put up adds to the strangeness and odd nature that is the Scott Pullins experience.

Here are some of the facts: Scott is bald and advertises for Gay Adoption on his blog.

Now let me be clear here. I don’t have anything against gays or bald guys. Hell, I was bald once…the shaven type. I’ll probably adopt that look again. With shades you look like a real bad ass, but I’m getting off topic here…

What these facts will do, however, is continue to stir up the whispers that have been going around for some time now questioning Scott’s sexual orientation.

The stories I’ve been hearing imply that Scott is gay and has even been seen going into a bar with another person who was of a male persuasion. Or so the rumors say.

Can there be any truth to these rumors? It is very hard for me personally to say. I have no direct knowledge of it and only hear what I hear. But having an ad for gay adoption on his blog while masquerading as a conservative blogger will surely only continue to feed these nasty whispers about the bizarre sex life of Scott Pullins.

It is almost weird in a way, then, to see him accuse others of the same thing. Hmmm….

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