Great. Just great! You know that “Stand up so we can stand down” bullshit? Why don’t we rename it “Infiltrate so they can shoot our asses”?

The two soldiers who were kidnapped have been found to have been killed by Iraqis, not insurgents or Al Qaeda:

SAN FRANCISCO – Two California soldiers shot to death in Iraq were murdered by Iraqi civil-defense officers patrolling with them, military investigators have found.

The deaths of Army Spc. Patrick R. McCaffrey Sr. and 1st Lt. Andre D. Tyson were originally attributed to an ambush during a patrol near Balad, Iraq, on June 22, 2004.

But the Army’s Criminal Investigation Command found that one or more of the Iraqis attached to the American soldiers on patrol fired at them, a military official said Tuesday.

Stay the course. Steady as she goes. Can someone help me rearrange these here deck chairs?