Imagine the Ohio GOP saying one thing and doing another? Hard to believe, right? I’m sure you’ve all heard about the “evil outside interests” that are invading Ohio on the left. Well, not so much. Let’s separate fact from fiction, as it relates to the governor’s race. The Plain Dealer took a look and here is what they found: “Evil out-of-state money from ultra-liberal groups” is a bullshit Orwellian Republican talking point. Imagine that.

Consider this:

Blackwell, who as secretary of state oversees elections in Ohio, has raised about 25 percent of his $6.1 million from out-of-state donors, according to a Plain Dealer analysis of campaign finance reports.

Texas and Pennsylvania round out Blackwell’s three most generous states other than Ohio.

Blackwell spokesman Carlo LoParo said that conservative Republicans all over the country are opening their checkbooks because of the race’s high profile and importance in national politics.

LMAO. But when liberals “all over the country” open up their checkbooks it is unethical and highly suspect? Come on, Carlo. Painted ourselves in a corner did we? Is anyone at all surprised that Texas shows up on the list?

So, when we argue out-of-state money influence, once again Ken Taftwell doesn’t have a leg to stand on:

Meanwhile, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ted Strickland received about 15 percent of his $6.3 million from out-of-state donors.

So that’s 1,525,000 in outsider money for Ken and 945,000 for Ted. I don’t care how whacky you do math – The Republicans are bringing in more outside money than we are. Lucy! You got some ‘splain’ to do!

Oh, and you know that “California ultra-liberal argument”? You’re gonna love this one:

Three days after Ken Blackwell won the Republican gubernatorial primary in May, he received five checks totaling $50,000 from the Taylor family of Salinas, Calif.

The head of the household, Steven Bruce Taylor, former CEO of vegetable-processing giant Fresh Express, bundled his $10,000 check with one from his wife, Kathryn, and one from each of their three adult children – all described as students.

Their checks made Salinas one of the most profitable cities for Blackwell’s gubernatorial campaign.

3 college kids pony up 10k each…gotta love that! I think Russell addressed this earlier. So, let’s get these whacky California ultra-conservatives out of our state and demand that Ken Blackwell return such tainted outsider influenced money! NOW!! I don’t ever want to hear another Republican bitch and moan about or George Soros ever again – but I expect they might.

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