Wow. This Dispatch story deals mostly with Republican efforts to keep Charles Morrison off the ballot, but this line just jumped right out of the laptop:

The biggest contradiction of all is that Morrison, a self-described anti-abortion, anti-tax conservative, wouldn?t mind a Kilroy victory one bit. Republicans have raised the nation?s debt so high, he said, that he?d welcome Democratic control of Congress as a check on Bush.

That’s how bad it is for Republicans, folks. The base has eroded considerably. The party is in disarray. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Republican candidates run this scared. Paying to have entire attack websites designed, making significant buys for ads this early touting a “pro veteran” stance, scurrying to keep a fellow party member off the ballot, walking around DC mumbling to themselves, desperately trying to figure out how to create distance between themselves and Bush despite voting records to the contrary. These are scary times for them. Scary times indeed.

Space has them scared. Kilroy has them scared. Studebaker has them scared. Shamansky has them scared. It’s a house of horrors at the Ohio GOP!

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