Shamansky for Congress!…and he’s plenty mad, folks. Some might try to dismiss him as just another “angry Democrat”. If you’re not mad about the direction your country is going in, then you just aren’t paying attention. That, or you write a GOP talking point blog. Some might try to dismiss him as “too old”. But Bob took care of that with a quickness the first time I spoke to him. “Bob, do you think age will be an issue?”, I query. “I SURE HOPE SO!”, he says. Sign me up was my very next thought. People often overuse and misuse the term “real deal”. With Bob, it fits like those old Levis you just can’t bare to toss even with paint and holes all in them.

Joe Hallett writes a great piece about the man running for Congress in my district and nails it when he says:

There are reasons aplenty not to dismiss this underdog?s run as a delusional grab for yesterday?s glory. The wiry Shamansky is healthy mentally and physically; he walked sprightly in Memorial Day parades in Powell and Utica, and he has a wit that sneaks up and makes you snicker 10 seconds later.

But this is my favorite one, and what is becoming known in blog circles as “classic Shamansky”:

Age could be a factor, Shamansky admitted, making a Reaganesque promise not to hold the 43-year-old Tiberi?s “youth and inexperience against him.”

If you get a chance to meet Bob, you won’t be disappointed. He is engaging and refreshing to talk to. He is interested in things you might not think he would be – he was fascinated by Meet The Bloggers and technology used during his Plunderbund Podcast appearance. I’m very proud to be able to support a candidate like Bob and look forward to helping him “restore a sensible centrist reality to Bush?s fantastical governance”.

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