For the last time people! SPELLCHECK! How embarassing is this? The last few frames in Deborah “De Boar” Pryce’s new ad spells her name wrong: Deboarah. Wow. What a fitting capstone to a week of shooting fish in a barrel. It really has become too easy. I hope it might become more sporting soon.


So from this point on I think we call her Deb “the boar” Pryce. Whatcha think?

Kilroy’s camp says:

?Deborah Pryce and her campaign are so ?wildly? out of touch, they don?t even know who they are anymore, or even how to spell the candidate?s name,? said Scott Kozar, campaign manager for Kilroy for Congress. ?Just so we are clear, as any true Buckeye knows, Ohio is spelled O-H-I-O.?


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