OK, so here is the latest smackdown from the GOP wingnut blogger world: Democrats, close your eyes!:

Another blow to the ODP’s “Ohio Sucks” campaign. More jobs are coming to Ohio: About 120 of 320 jobs at a plant that produces water pumps for automobiles will be moved to newer plant in Ohio by the end of the year, the company said. (AP)

You know, this reminds me of the time back in high school that a teammate of mine was debating the best team in the state. Their affirmative case was feared all across the bluegrass. It had not suffered a defeat the entire year. But just before nationals, Eddie finally got a copy of the book used as the primary source of evidence for their case. He read the entire thing.

His first negative speech was devasating. It went something like this:

The affirmative quotes (dude’s name) here. But on the next page…(Eddie then reads information indicting the point made by the affirmative. From the same source…hell the same BOOK they had just used to pummel some 40 or 50 other kids over the course of the year.

So in that spirit, let’s “turn the page”, so to speak:

Region told to brace for tide of layoffs, job losses:

DAYTON | A tidal wave of layoffs is building in Montgomery County that will wash across the entire region, causing as many as 9,000 lost jobs, say officials at the county Job Center.

Ohio ranks fourth in 1Q layoffs:

Ohio recorded the country’s fourth-largest number of layoffs during the first quarter, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Thursday.

Layoffs in Ohio totaled 13,471 during January, February and March of this year, according to the bureau.

And for Mr. “I love to talk about 2004” Lincoln Lego boy:

WHITE HOUSE ECONOMIC POLICY LEAVES THOUSANDS IN OHIO BEHIND: Ohio, with an unemployment rate of 6 percent, has lost more than 10 percent of the 2.3 million jobs that have disappeared nationwide ? 270,000 jobs — since January 2001.

So let’s do some simple math. We have 8,880 to go to break even in Montgomery County. We have 13,351 to go to break even with statewide Q1 layoffs. We have 269,880 to go to make up for 3 years of losses given to use at the hands of the Bush administration from ’01-’03.

Call me when you have 2,000 more stories just like this to link to. Where do they GET these people? I know Jill doesn’t want me to be too hard on them, but I really think she makes a point about the dire need for more education in the state. I mean, it’s simple math, right Jill?

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