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Says Debates Should Include Questions

Columbus, Ohio – The Strickland for Governor Campaign today announced it is committed to multiple debates that have been proposed to both campaigns by independent organizations and media.

The campaign proposed four debates – one each month starting in July.

“We are committed to sitting down with the Blackwell campaign and discussing dates, times and formats for debates,” said Strickland debate coordinator David Wilhelm. “However, the Blackwell campaign, at this time, has refused to sit down and have such discussions. Quite frankly, they seem more interested in trying to score political points than coming to a serious agreement.”

Wilhelm noted that the most recent communication he received from the Blackwell campaign demanded a format that would not allow for questions from a panel or an audience – only speeches by the candidates. [emphasis mine]

“Speeches by both candidates in the same general vicinity are not the same as open debates moderated by a neutral party with questions from the media or the public,” said Wilhelm. “I think Ohioans will see through this ruse and demand what they deserve: real debates with tough questions.”

The Strickland Campaign committed to participating in the following debates proposed by independent organizations and media:

Children?s Hunger Alliance Gubernatorial Forum
Ohio Association of Broadcasters Gubernatorial Debate
League of Women Voters/Ohio Historical Society Debate
Major media consortium, including the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Columbus Dispatch and others. (A similar primary debate offer also included the Dayton Daily News, Public Radio and TV and the Ohio News Network).


The question still remains: Will they both agree to do a Meet The Bloggers session? Can we get some on the right to call for this as well? Matt? Dave? Eric?

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