Attention black Ohioans who might vote for Ken Blackwell just because of the color of his skin (and he’s counting on it you can bet):

(Openers) Representatives of voter-registration organizations that work almost exclusively in urban, black neighborhoods hammered Ken Blackwell at a Statehouse news conference today, accusing the black secretary of state of attempting to suppress the black vote in November by imposing severe restrictions on voter-registration drives.

The groups included People for the American Way, the League of Young Voters, the NAACP, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and the National Hip Hop Political Convention, whose members charged that Blackwell was trying to discourage young, already apathetic city residents from participating in the political process.

Wendling ends with this:

Perhaps fittingly, the backdrop for this acrimonious dispute was the west lawn of the Statehouse, where the American Friends Service Committee is concluding a three-day exhibit on the human cost of the United States’ attempt to impose democracy in Iraq. The haunting exhibit, titled “Eyes Wide Open: Beyond Fear, Towards Hope,” features 2,500 pairs of empty boots and shoes.

To my African American friends, I say this: Have YOUR eyes wide open…and if you do, you will see your choice is clear. You can either vote for a man who suppressed the voice of those like you, or vote for the man – though his skin may be a lighter shade than yours – will surely fight harder for your voice to be heard.




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