Ah, the driveby comment. Gotta love it. No thoughts. No argument. Just a cut and paste job. Feels like someone just shit on your porch and rang the doorbell. Eric Kephas over at Project Illogical pastes in the little gem the wingnuts found trying to downplay their guy being down by nearly 20 points in the lastest SUSA poll.

I ask about Rasmussen, then stumble upon a nice little post by Hypo Speaking (Hypo, so good to have you back!).

Score: Hypo – 1 Project Illogical – 0

Remember what they say about the scoreboard! Everyone keeping track?

The best part is what HS finds in the crosstabs. Ya’ll are familar with the “Ken will win wif da blacks” argument, right? Well, sorry, that appears to be offset by Ted’s winning over conservatives. Whoops. And we haven’t even begun to discuss exurbs yet. Dayum!

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