Wow, the ORP has truly lost it. Their latest post “To the lefty bloggers” is hilarious. I mean side splitting hilarious. Can you imagine the uproar among the wingnut blogs if the ODP had to resort to responding to their blogs by posting a “To the right wing bloggers” post?

I’m seriously dyin’ over here!

Russell has some thoughts as well:

The problem they have is that they cannot cite a single poll conducted by anyone that shows even a plurality of voters preferring flip flop pandering Blackwell to Ted Strickland. Not one. Zero. In fact so desperate are they to spin for their unpopular candidate they have to resort to lies and distortion of the polling that has been done.

Didn’t I tell you this was coming?:

We’re also not surprised you quickly rushed to the Rasmussen poll to back up your support of SurveyUSA. Rasmussen coincidentally uses the same questionable methodology.

OK guys, give us a poll you like. Name a poll. Taftwell leading in ANY poll? Anyone?…Anyone?…Buehler?

I gotta go, because I can barely see the screen from the tears. I’ve not laughed this hard in weeks. Thanks guys!

And ya, we know you read us. We’re the harbingers of your sorrow.

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