via email: (Columbus)- State Senator Marc Dann (D-Liberty Twp.) was handed a victory today when Ohio Supreme Court Justices ruled they would have to examine records and other documents that Senator Dann is seeking from Governor Bob Taft in relation to the current state scandals involving Coingate and the Ohio Bureau of Workers? Compensation.

Supreme Court Justices will now have to reevaluate if these documents fall under the sweeping executive privilege the Court earlier ruled Taft maintains as governor.

?This case, unlike the public’s right to gain access to public documents, is still very much alive!” Senator Dann said.

?Today I call on Governor Taft to forget all this nonsense and release the documents to the public so we can start getting to the truth.?

In July 2005, Senator Dann filed a lawsuit against Governor Bob Taft after he refused to disclose requested public records related to the ongoing state scandals. Senator Dann made several public records requests which were deemed by Governor Taft to be subject to his ?executive privilege.? Today?s decision is the court?s most recent ruling in the ongoing court case.

?Getting access to these documents is not only about the scandal plagued Bureau of Workers? Compensation,? said Senator Dann.

?Taxpayers have a right to know how their hard earned money is being spent throughout all state agencies. They should know if there is any type of corrupt activity going on in any state agency.?

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