From the daily archives: Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Attention black Ohioans who might vote for Ken Blackwell just because of the color of his skin (and he’s counting on it you can bet):

(Openers) Representatives of voter-registration organizations that work almost exclusively in urban, black neighborhoods hammered Ken Blackwell at a Statehouse news conference today, accusing the black secretary of state of attempting to suppress the black vote in November by imposing severe restrictions on voter-registration drives.

The groups included People for the American Way, the League of Young Voters, the NAACP, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and the National Hip Hop Political Convention, whose members charged that […]

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I’m hearing that the nationals are getting a bit leery of the flip flop waffler as well. It seems the Republican Governors Association is not supporting old Taftwell like you think they might. In fact, they might not be supporting him at all.

It would make sense for them to distance themselves from a 16 point dog. So who to believe? The spinmeisters down at the ORP or the RGA? I think the big dogs got this one figured!

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Wow, the ORP has truly lost it. Their latest post “To the lefty bloggers” is hilarious. I mean side splitting hilarious. Can you imagine the uproar among the wingnut blogs if the ODP had to resort to responding to their blogs by posting a “To the right wing bloggers” post?

I’m seriously dyin’ over here!

Russell has some thoughts as well:

The problem they have is that they cannot cite a single poll conducted by anyone that shows even a plurality of voters preferring flip flop pandering Blackwell to Ted Strickland. Not one. Zero. In fact so […]

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(just now via email)

Says Debates Should Include Questions

Columbus, Ohio – The Strickland for Governor Campaign today announced it is committed to multiple debates that have been proposed to both campaigns by independent organizations and media.

The campaign proposed four debates – one each month starting in July.

“We are committed to sitting down with the Blackwell campaign and discussing dates, times and formats for debates,” said Strickland debate coordinator David Wilhelm. “However, the Blackwell campaign, at this time, has refused to sit down and have such discussions. Quite frankly, they seem more interested in trying to score […]

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Just days ago the wingnut blogosphere in Ohio was jumping up and down at an opportunity to use the 2004 line “I voted for it, before I voted against it” line. Most are stuck in 2004 – surely Lincoln Legos boy is (see latest post).

So, the argument was that Ted voted against a bill that he wrote and then he took credit for it. Not only do they not know what year it is, they apparently are a bit unfamiliar with the legislative process. Junk gets added or taken away from bills all the time that […]

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So this am I see this post trying to wrestle Mr. Flip Flop Taftwell back on the wingnut wagon. I begin to shred it, until I see Modern Esquire had saved me the work!

As a reminder:

Ken Blackwell in January:

Q: If Roe v. Wade were to be overturned, would you sign a law that would outlaw abortions in the case of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother?
A: Yes.
Q: Including the life of the mother?
A: Yes.

Ken Blackwell today:

Democrats yesterday accused Mr. Blackwell of […]

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via email: (Columbus)- State Senator Marc Dann (D-Liberty Twp.) was handed a victory today when Ohio Supreme Court Justices ruled they would have to examine records and other documents that Senator Dann is seeking from Governor Bob Taft in relation to the current state scandals involving Coingate and the Ohio Bureau of Workers? Compensation.

Supreme Court Justices will now have to reevaluate if these documents fall under the sweeping executive privilege the Court earlier ruled Taft maintains as governor.

?This case, unlike the public’s right to gain access to public documents, is still very much alive!” Senator Dann said.


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Try this one on for size (ht Hypo):

…awaiting the quotes on why Rasmussen sucks

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Ah, the driveby comment. Gotta love it. No thoughts. No argument. Just a cut and paste job. Feels like someone just shit on your porch and rang the doorbell. Eric Kephas over at Project Illogical pastes in the little gem the wingnuts found trying to downplay their guy being down by nearly 20 points in the lastest SUSA poll.

I ask about Rasmussen, then stumble upon a nice little post by Hypo Speaking (Hypo, so good to have you back!).

Score: Hypo – 1 Project Illogical – 0

Remember what they say about the scoreboard! […]

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