Ok, shakes down like this. While lefty blogs today talk about a complete 180 done by Mr. Ken Taftwell on his abortion position (BSB, PB), the wingnuts are all up in arms over a figure of speech. You know, when I say I will take you on anytime, anywhere? I probably don’t mean 3am GMT at the North Pole. But, by god, if that is what you say you want, then I FLIP FLOPPED damnit! LMFAO. I’m dyin’ over here.

Somebody get these guys some binkies. Do we see a pattern here?

Here’s the thing fellas. No matter how many times you say Stricknyne, flip-flop, chickenshack, or the plethora of other clever little things ya’ll come up with…one thing will remain: Strickland 53%, Taftwell 37%. You know when you are up by 16, with time running out and the other team starts cheering a dunk on your boy? You start yelling “Scoreboard…Scoreboard…Scoreboard”. All together now!




…and it wasn’t even a dunk – more like a blown layup! Suck it up fellas…long ass summer ahead! The thing you forget when it comes down to this when and where shit is, the person with the 16 point lead has more political capital. You believe in political capital, right? Hell, ya’ll think 2% is enough to go off and start unilateral wars…so you’ll pardon me if I don’t feel sympathy for your debate when and where woes.

LOL. Are we having fun yet?

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